News and Events

Through the Generations

9th August 2019

Three generations of a Lonach family marched together at Ballater Games yesterday. George Gordon who carries one of the Lonach Standards, his son Charles who is at the front of the Lonach March with a Lochaber Axe and his family – Alanah, Lucy and Cameron – who are all members of the Lonach Pipe Band. We look forward to seeing them all at Lonach on the 24th August 2019.

40 Year Celebration

6th August 2019

All Highland Games rely on good staff on the day. In 2018 Alison Webster celebrated 40 years working in the Lonach Secretary’s office every Games Day! She’ll be back this year again for her 41st! Alison collates all the results at the end of the day, no easy task sometimes! Well done Alison, and we hope you managed to use the holiday voucher that you received as a small token of our appreciation. Ho Ho Lonach

Alex Buchan (Buster)

30th July 2019

It is with great sadness that we announced the passing of Alex Buchan (Buster), a good friend and loyal Honorary Member of the Lonach Highland & Friendly Society. Alex took part in the March of the Lonach Highlanders for many years and was a great supporter of all things Lonach. Alex died yesterday after a short illness at ARI. RIP Buster.

Willie Gray

28th June 2019

Willie Gray, Honorary Member of the Lonach Society, Poet and Lonach Horseman, RIP 28-6-19.